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12/30/2021 from DailyJokes

Little Johnny says, “All right. I got one.  There’s a horse and chicken playing in the meadow and the horse falls into the quicksand.

He says ‘Hurry up! Go get the farmer! Get me out of here!’ The chicken runs back to the farm, but the farmer is nowhere to be seen.”

“Oh my,” the teacher gasps with a horrified look on her face.”So the chicken takes the BMW, backs it up near the quicksand, throws a rope to the horse, ties it up to the bumper and pulls the horse out.

The horse is so very thankful.” “What happened next?” the teacher asks, feeling relieved.”

A couple days later… the chicken falls into the same quicksand and says, ‘Hurry up! Hurry up! Go get the farmer!’

So the horse thinks to himself, ‘Well… I could probably stand over this quicksand.’ So, he stands over it and says to the chicken, ‘Grab hold of my pen!$ ‘

So the chicken grabs hold of the horse’s pen!$ and gets pulled out.”

The teacher is suddenly weirded out by the direction the story is going and asks, “Umm… Johnny? That’s nice and all, but what’s the moral of the story?”

Without hesitation, Johnny responds with, “The moral of the story is: if you’re hung like a horse, you don’t need a BMW to pick up chicks.”

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12/29/2021 from DailyJokes

An atheist was walking through the woods.  “What majestic trees! What powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!” he said to himself.

As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look.  He saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charge towards him.

He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was closing in on him.

He looked over his shoulder again, and the bear was even closer. He tripped and fell on the ground.

He rolled over to pick himself up but saw that the bear was right on top of him,reaching for him with his left paw and raising his right paw to strike him.

At that instant the Atheist cried out, “Oh my God!” Time stopped. The bear froze.

The forest was silent. As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky.

“You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don’t exist and even credit creation to cosmic accident.” “Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer?”

The atheist looked directly into the light, “It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps you could make the BEAR a Christian?”

“Very well,” said the voice. The light went out.

The sounds of the forest resumed. And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke:”Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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12/28/2021 from DailyJokes

“Doc, I think my son has gonorrhea,” a patient told his urologist on the phone.

“The only woman he’s screwed is our maid.”

​“OK, don’t be hard on him. He’s just a kid,” the doc soothed.

“Get him in here right away and I’ll take care of him.”

“But Doc, I’ve been screwing the maid too, and I’ve got the same symptom she has.”

“Then you come in with him and I’ll fix you both up,” replied the doctor.

“Well,” the man admitted, “I think my wife now has it too.”

“S@n of a bxtch!” the physician roared.

“That means we’ve all got it!”

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12/27/2021 from DailyJokes
Adam And Eve en Espanol

Adam and Eve are walking through the Garden of Eden for the first time.

They marvel at the beauty.

Waterfalls, beautiful plants, trees, and animals, and an incredible sky are the things they look at and enjoy.

Adam looks past God and sees a woman standing there.

With Eve next to him, he wonders who it is.

He asks God “who is that standing there?”

God turns and Queen Elizabeth II smiles and waves at him.

God turns back to him and says “I have no clue. She was here when I got here!”

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12/26/2021 from DailyJokes

His wife asks him “So what happened?”

The husband explains “I often get bored at work and today my mind was wandering and I thought to myself ‘what would happen if I stuck my manhood inside the pickle slicer?’”

The wife is clearly blind-sided by this confession and doesn’t know what to say next. Eventually she says to him “That was an incredibly stupid and unsafe thing to do but at least you’re all in one piece.”

The husband appreciates his wife’s response and says “I suppose you’re right.”

To lighten the mood the wife asks cheerfully “So what happened to the pickle slicer?”

The husband takes a moment and says “Oh, she was fired too.”

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